While our office is closed due to COVID-19 shutdown we will be taking calls on Palms mobile +61 4 2247 2567.

Thanks to all Palms Supporters.

Contributions at this time are enabling us to continue supporting seven participants who chose to stay on assignment in communities not threatened by COVID-19.  We also continue to check in and support those who have returned.  In an initiative to assist their transition we have encouraged leaders and media in their home communities to send a note welcoming them home.

Developing such relationships also assists to facilitate a strategy to achieve the first aim of Palms mission.  It will allow us, together with the returnees, to advance the awareness, enthusiasm and involvement of Australian communities in Palms approach to  just, sustainable, and peaceful development.”  Our goal is to inspire and prepare more Australians to meet the requests of Palms partner organisations when travel is possible again.

Although challenging, donations also are being used to assist returned program participants with remote mentoring.  For example some useful assistance is being given to local teachers preparing on-line courses in Maliana, Timor Leste, where schools are closed.  In one case a living allowances is being used to cover data costs.

Finally, Palms program staff are taking the opportunity at this time to explore ways of applying Palms’ model of preparing and supporting qualified and experienced Australians for mentoring those with less opportunity here.  Contributions such as yours support the development and implementation of relevant strategies to bring this to fruition.

It seems we have never been busier and you are making that possible.

Roger O’Halloran

Stories from returned participants

First Impressions of Banz-PNG: Sad To Leave by Greg Lawson – 8 April

Communication is a Powerful Tool! by Dianne Hanna – 7 April

Jamie Yearns to Return to Mentoring in Myanmar by Jamie Drew – 1 April

Returning Home by Michele & Gabby Rankin – 31 March

Leaving PNG Was a Quick Decision by Cathal Nolan – 30 March

Life But Not As We Know It by Ann-Marie O’Brien – 26 March

To keep our personnel safe and support our communities during this pandemic please 

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Other related stories

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Reach Beyond!  

COVID-19 is inspiring Palms Vision, Mission and Values in local and global communities.  Despite us needing to keep a physical distance it has brought us to realise our interdependence and the value of Solidarity.  

If you have any inspiring ideas to share that build our community connections feel free to let us know so that we can bring them to the attention of all in the Palms network.  For the first dose of inspiration please click this link.