Palms Australia’s assignments abroad are our commitment to delivering a better form of aid. We place skilled Australians, from a vast array of disciplines and trades, in long-term assignments in remote communities to build the skills of local people. This link is to video interviews of returned Program Participants discussing the challenges and joys of their assignments.

How are we different from other international development agencies? Palms Australia only works with communities that have identified for themselves a skill they want to develop. We do not decide for them, from a list of priorities developed by Western ideals, which skills or expertise they need. This is how Palms has been empowering communities to be the architects of their own development for over 50 years. Find out more about Palms’ development philosophy.

We are currently recruiting for assignments in several countries in Asia and the Pacific, with more requests being received every week. By undertaking an assignment abroad with Palms you can help us meet these requests. Explore current opportunities.

Application and Preparation

Palms Australia has been sending Australians overseas since 1961. We are experts in preparing them to work effectively and ethically in the field. A key part of this process is helping prospective program participants assess their own motivations, skills, and capability for long-term capacity building overseas.

The application process begins with submitting an enquiry, we will then send you an application pack. Candidates then complete a reflective questionnaire and a one-on-one interview with a member of our staff. Before departure, you will need to attend a pre-departure preparation course, which will build on your skills to prepare you to work effectively in a new culture. No assignment is confirmed until after completion of the orientation course. Though participants will need to pay for any pre-departure medical expenses and travel to and from their orientation course, there is no fee for our placements.

We welcome applications from individuals, couples and families. If you want to undertake an assignment but aren’t sure which one to apply for, don’t worry. You don’t need to know where you want to go right off the bat. We can help you decide.

What to Expect on Assignment

An assignment abroad offers you a unique, life-changing experience that you won’t find anywhere else. You will live and work in a remote community for one to three years, immersed in an excitingly unique culture. Palms provides accommodation, pastoral support, a basic living allowance, return travel, and a comprehensive insurance policy throughout your time in the field.

Palms Australia promotes mutual development of both our community partners and the professionals we send to support them. You will gain insights into the intricate challenges of development and be given the opportunity to engage in creative problem solving within your field.

We encourage you to develop links between your new community and communities in Australia. Along with helping to raise funds for your placement, this fosters a greater understanding in Australia of ethical aid work, development and other cultures, and provides an additional level of support for those returning from assignments. Our staff are here to help you at every step.

Read our FAQ for more information on working abroad.

Ready to undertake an assignment abroad?

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