Why I love doing what I do…

1) I am learning as much as I am teaching over here: learning about culture, language, food and a different way of life. I think living and working here is helping me become a better teacher and a better person. 

2) People are welcoming and kind. I will never go hungry in Thailand. People always bring me food and check that I’m ok. 

3) The children are so polite and respectful. They always greet me with a cheery ‘hello teacher’. They always offer to help. They come to school with a smile. 

4) I am lucky to be here. I am in the beautiful mountains having a unique experience. We are relatively safe from Covid here. Life is beautiful. I am grateful for everything, even the challenges that come my way. 

Liz O’Sullivan – English teacher and mentor in Mae Ramat, Umphang and Klothor, Thailand since January 2020