Robert Dickson

I am delighted with the work Palms does particularly in Balibo and Maliana. I am delighted to be a small part of Palms.

Audrey Cibulskis

I have been a member of Palms for a very long time, and have always been impressed by the way this organisation has functioned throughout the years. When Roger recently wrote that the Catholic bishops had withdrawn the small amount of funding they had provided, as a lay person I was extremely disappointed by this gesture. Consequently I had no hesitation in making my donation of $1000, as support because Palms is the major charity that I trust fully and believe in whole heartedly. During these difficult times we need Palms to flourish more than ever in order to give us all hope.

Meg Smith

I give to PALMS because it’s work takes place at the grass roots level and is focused on empowering and upskilling people to build community. There is an emphasis on sustainable development and justice-driven endeavours to end poverty.

Trish Sharkey

I give to Palms because I know from experience that the funds are well spent. I am forever grateful to the donors who made it possible for me to be a volunteer many years ago.  The best experience of my life was the time spend on Palms placements in the Tiwi Islands and Papua New Guinea, and later in Timor Leste with Caritas.

Tim Hamilton

I am keen to support the education work that Palms undertakes.  Education is vital in helping people in the developing world to achieve financial security for their families.  But I think education is also important in understanding the world, developing virtues and values, forming healthy relationships and making good decisions in life. 

Des Hansen

As a former PALMS participant abroad I know that any form of contact with home (Australia), is greatly appreciated. And to know PALMS is supporting you 100% in so many ways to enable you to keep pushing ahead with your assignment in a different land and culture, is extremely comforting……actually it’s a way of Palms saying, “we appreciate and support what you are doing.”