Free Introductory Webinar

This dynamic program draws on 60+ years of preparing people for cross cultural engagement. It will help your neighbourhood to:

Embrace Diversity

…replacing any suspicion and fear of difference, with excitement for learning via the richness of residing cultural traditions;

Build on Strengths

…using frameworks and activities that will enable all to bring their gifts to inclusive community development;

Grow Community

…assisting all to rejoice, celebrate their diversity and flourish in growing harmony.

The formation and training supports sensitive engagement with those from whom we differ to assist self-reflection, a change of heart, and increasing solidarity.


This will assist leaders to:

  1. Ascertain how to engage the whole community in achieving the full potential of its vision and mission, and
  2. Analyse the next steps to grow an authentically inclusive community.

Enquire here, or contact Soraya on 0422 472 567 or [email protected]