Plant the seeds of hope for those in greatest need.

Legacies or bequests are gifts nominated in your Will. They allow you to make the kind of gifts which might be desirable, but impossible to give during your lifetime.

As the ultimate expression of generosity your bequest will play an important role in the work of Palms Australia. The spirit and commitment of this support will continue to live on in the lives of requesting communities through the presence of Palms workers sharing their skills and goodwill.

To find out more about bequests and legacies please fill out the form below or call Roger on 02 9560 5333.

    How does it work?

    Leaving a legacy is not a matter of choosing between your family and a good cause. You can provide for both, giving security for your family and building a more just world by supporting an overseas community.

    A bequest can take any, or a combination, of the following forms:

    • a general bequest such as a specific gift of cash or a percentage of the overall value of your estate.
    • a specific bequest such as a gift of real estate, jewellry or investments (stocks, bonds, shares, artwork etc.)
    • a bequest of distributions or interest from an invested trust
    • a residual bequest which is the balance of your estate after all other provisions and bequests have been met.

    Bequests are a unique experience of giving. When you remember Palms Australia in your Will, your generosity will continue to bring support to a requesting community. We are happy to discuss your specific requirements and this wording may assist you in making a provision for the work of Palms Australia in your Will.

    In memory of Roy Boylan…

    Since 1961 many people have been inspired by Roy’s “radical” vision for this organisation. Some have been inspired to work in the field, carrying out the vision at the “coal face”. Others have experienced Roy’s legacy through working within the organisation, recruiting, preparing and sending lay “visionaries”, who not only see beyond their comfort zones, but who desire to Reach Beyond and make a difference.

    We are thankful for Roy’s legacy. Since 1961, over 1500 people have worked towards a sustainable future for all, in community with those whom we served, building relationships of solidarity in 41 countries across the globe. We hope that those that have met Roy and those who have simply heard his remarkable story will be inspired to continue his legacy.