to Support Palms Approach

1. Poverty Reduction

Handouts create dependence.  Sending experts in their field to mentor local organisations and personnel is an advanced approach to empowerment that provides long-term poverty reduction. 

2. Responding to Requests

Local organisations request the specialists they identify as suitable for the next stage of their development.  They remain in control and build on their strengths, which they best understand.

3. Value for Money

The average placement costs just $29,813 per year, if completing a two year placement. The value of a volunteer’s contribution is worth at least their Australian wage forgone, ($90,000 ~ $150,000.)  So, for $29,813 Palms sends at least $90,000 of value. That’s leverage!

4. Supporting Fellow Australians

Your support encourages and enables fellow Australians to offer up to three years to properly pass on their skills and knowledge.

5. People & Relationships

Sending people is more than just an approach to development.  Those sent foster long-term relationships and can bring the moral gift of solidarity to victims of terrible violence who suffer physical, moral, and spiritual deprivation.

6. Training

Palms comprehensive preparation program ensures program participants are engaged appropriately in their cross-cultural placement, making their work more effective.

7. Community Links

Palms’ Connecting Communities Program raises awareness in our Australian communities.  We can be grounded by people we otherwise only know as poor.

8. Put Your Money Where It Matters To You

Your donation can be directed.  Choose a sector: health, education, trades, administration, community development, or another.  Or, choose to support someone who comes forward from your community.

9. Contributing to Australia

You will be supporting Australians to work with communities in need overseas after which they will come home to contribute their new understandings and skills to Australian workplaces and communities.

10. Tax Savings

All donations over $2 to Palms Australia are tax-deductible.

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