Leaving PNG Was A Quick Decision

Leaving PNG Was A Quick Decision

with Cathal Nolan

Cathal Nolan is a licensed plumber/handyman and began his mentoring role with the Archdiocese of Mount Hagen, PNG in early February 2020.  His role included providing training for local Diocesan building staff, as well as students from the local vocational school.  Unfortunately due to COVID-19, Cathal decided to return to his family in the UK before border closures were imposed.

My time in PNG was lovely, I felt like part of a family when I was with Bishop Fathers, Brothers and Sisters, I used to look forward to seeing them for lunch.

Greetings at the airport

Leaving PNG was a quick decision I made, I really didn’t have a lot of time to think about leaving as I was working up to the day I felt.

I didn’t really miss home when I was there [in PNG] but I did miss my wife.

In the short time I was there I managed to get things moving on the plumbing side of things but it was a challenge to find parts, you have to physically go to every plumbing shop and the price difference was enormous for each shop. That is when you miss internet shopping to order parts!

I left on the Thursday and there was total lock down in PNG on the Tuesday after I left, so was lucky to get out when I did.

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