You can help meet the request of a remote global community to create positive sustainable change. When you donate to one of Palms’ overseas projects, you enable us to recruit, prepare, send and support the qualified and experienced Australians who build the capacity of communities and organisations abroad.

Communities identify projects with the greatest potential to build on their strengths, tackle poverty and change lives. Your support through a one-off or recurring donation will enable even greater self-reliance.

Click on a project below to find out how Palms program participants are addressing these challenges. Alternatively, you can be a part of these projects by undertaking an assignment abroad.

During this year dominated by Covid-19, some of our participants have remained in the field throughout and many were repatriated back to Australia earlier this year and eagerly await to return to the field when it is safe to do so. Some of those waiting are mentoring remotely from Australia in full-time and part-time capacities.

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