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The Challenge

Holy Family Care Centre in Limpopo, South Africa, provides support for disadvantaged and sick children in the Limpopo province. The centre includes residential facilities and treatment for up to 75 orphaned babies and children, including those undergoing treatment for HIV/AIDS and TB. These children are referred to Holy Family from the local Letaba Hospital as the hospital does not have space and resources to house these children after their initial treatment when intensive care facilities are needed for patients with acute injury or illness.

Holy Family has identified a need for further support and training of staff in Administration/Organisational and Outreach services. This training will assist staff and management in delivering the highest quality of service to vulnerable children in their care.  Holy Family’s aim is to re-unite children with extended families as soon as possible and the outreach program will enable home visits and monitoring to take place to ensure successful reunification.

How We’re Helping

Holy Family Care Centre requested the ongoing organisational/administrative support and mentoring for the Outreach Program from Carmel Lawry who has been connected with HFCC since 2011.  Carmel is very familiar with Holy Family Care Centre after having previously provided health care mentoring.  The health care position has now been localised and Carmel’s familiarity with the Centre, local staff, children and South African culture has placed her in a very good position for further mentoring staff in administration and with the outreach program. Her role will include:

  • Building the capacity of office staff in using technology/software, general office procedures and specific admission and discharge procedures.
  • Working collaboratively with Holy Family’s Social Worker in the Outreach Program. Developing procedures that ensure protocols are followed in liaising with families to enhance the possibility of family re-unification
  • Developing processes for regular follow-up with children and families and providing transitional support.
  • Building the capacity of nursery/crèche staff
  • Continuing to provide post localisation support for health care staff


Is the Project Sustainable?

Capitalising on Carmel’s well established relationships with local staff and understanding of the cultural context will provide invaluable support for the broader goal to continue developing higher standards of care for the children who are resident at Holy Family.  The Holy Family staff are committed to ensuring that the children are enabled greater educational, social and health opportunities to grow and lead fulfilling lives whilst in care and upon reunification with their families.

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