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Sustainable Development Goals

The Challenge

  • Low rates of educational attainment and literacy
  • Low school retention rate
  • High rates of poverty

Whilst building and construction is a growing sector in Papua New Guinea, low rates of educational attainment and literacy has meant that opportunities for skill development are sparse.

Providing access to quality mentoring to further skill development will provide more employment opportunities for individuals living in Mt Hagen.

How We’re Helping

The Archdiocese of Mt Hagen and Kuli Parish has requested a Builder Handyman to assist in the maintenance of the Shrine of Divine Mercy and to help train local workers.

To assist in this project, Palms has recruited and prepared Giuseppe Crupi, a builder and handyman with extensive experience. Giuseppe will be mentoring local builders with on the job training both on an individualised and team level to improve their skills in building, planning, team working and problem solving.

Is the Project Sustainable?

This project will offer 12 months of professional development assistance to locals who have been chosen to work on the project by the Archdiocese of Mt Hagen and Kuli Parish. It is expected that at the conclusion of the assignment, the employees can be recognised as having worked on a key community project and will have further developed their professional capacity to take on future community building projects.


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