Photo essay:IT mentoring in Pathein, Myanmar

Photo essay:IT mentoring in Pathein, Myanmar

by Jamie Drew

This is an example of my teaching attire:
Longyi and shirt

The teaching work that I undertake with my counterparts at St John’s High School is basic IT training. There are around 40 laptop computers shared amongst 11 classes from grade 5 to 9. Some students have experience with computers but some had never used one before so we try to do things that allow everyone to gain some knowledge, beginning with Photoshop tutorials. We have also been looking at presentations with PowerPoint and Word, where the students research a chosen topic and present to the class. I hope to branch into multimedia in the future and some basic Excel spreadsheets.

My counterpart teachers, Ju Ya Min and Khai Nwe Yin, who are becoming quite adept IT teachers.
Teacher Appreciation Day ceremony with year 10 students bringing candles to place on a table
Another teacher from St John’s with some students and me at a Buddhist monastery
Grade 7 students in traditional dress

Three mornings a week I spend with the non-government organisation, Karuna Mission Social Solidarity (KMSS), the local branch of the Catholic Church’s Caritas. KMSS facilitate many different programs to educate and promote well-being in rural villages, focusing on health and security.

Whilst there, I have run English classes for the staff, helped with reports and grant applications, do building design work and sometimes use the time to prepare for classes at St John’s.

Staff at KMSS – a very friendly bunch who love to laugh and joke. They are often excited for their work, going out to villages to collaborate, educate and provide necessities.

To support IT mentoring in the Diocese of Pathein, Myanmar, donate today and help us fund 12 further months of professional development training for local teachers.

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