Photo Essay: Permaculture in Pathein, Myanmar

Photo Essay: Permaculture in Pathein, Myanmar

With Jamie Drew.

The Diocese of Pathein operates several sustainability projects to serve the students, farmers and small business of the local community. For one such project, they have engaged Victorian Jamie Drew, who has been working with staff of the Diocese in developing permaculture education. Here, Jamie shares how traditional knowledge and new techniques have strengthened sustainable permaculture in the community.

Participants of the Diocese of Pathein’s permaculture project. There is a community of about 30 families who live in this protected forest.
The beginning of the project. These families have lived in and tended to this forest for many years and sustainable planting processes have been passed down with traditional knowledge. This project brings additional skills and knowledge to complement these practices.
Jamie works with local staff in Pathein to understand the local permaculture practices and to discern how new practices can complement local, traditional custodianship of these bamboo forests.

Over the years, Father Benjamin has been accumulating land and returning it to nature, preserving it for the families that live there. Some people gave him land because they had no one to work it.
Meanwhile, the city of Pathein is a busy concrete jungle, very different to the tranquil forest in the project is being undertaken.
Bamboo bridges are an iconic piece of Burmese architecture. They are found across the country, often over rice paddies and small river crossings.

To support the permaculture and sustainable building design project of the Diocese of Pathein, Myanmar, donate today and help us fund 18 further months of professional development training for local residents.

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