Merry Christmas

Alleviate Poverty by Training Skilled Professionals

We know it’s not as sexy as ‘Give the gift that lasts a lifetime’ or ‘Make a lasting impact this Christmas’ and it doesn’t tug at the heartstrings like promising to bring a smile to a child’s face this Christmas. However, equipping an adult with the skills to provide for their family and provide a service to their community is a sustainable solution to poverty in our region. This Christmas, help Palms and our team of participants around the world provide this training.

Simply choose a trainer to support and we’ll send a personalised e-card to the friend or family member you nominate.

Train an Educator

Teachers are one of Palms’ most frequently received requests. We currently have teachers training fellow educators across the Asia Pacific. For $47 we can provide a qualified, experienced teacher to mentor alongside a local Timorese, Burmese, or I-Kiribati teacher for one day.

Train a Tradie

Qualified tradies provide essential services to their communities and are able to provide for their families. For $235 you can provide one week of mentoring for a trades apprentice in Papua New Guinea.

Train an Administration Officer

Klibur Domin provides essential medical services to remote areas of Timor Leste. Ensuring the effective operation of the organisation’s programs is a team of administrators. For $470, we can provide two weeks of professional training for these administrators, creating safe and secure employment opportunities for local residents.

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