Celebrate cultural diversity while supporting a remote community to develop sustainable solutions to poverty with Palms Together Day. 

All too often, fear of the “other” divides us. We seem to worry that giving opportunity to others means losing opportunities for ourselves, rather than embracing the diversity that creates more opportunities for all.

Palms Together Day calls on Australians to celebrate the cultural diversity of their family, friends, workplaces and communities by hosting a multicultural lunch or dinner. Guests are encouraged to bring a dish from a culture they identify with, and make a small donation to Palms Australia.

By supporting Palms Together Day, you’ll be creating stronger connections to your own and others’ cultural heritage.  Your donation helps Palms Australia meet the requests of remote communities overseas. It enables a professional to work abroad to build skills that sustainably reduce poverty.

About Palms Australia

Palms Australia’s vision is to enable people to reach beyond every barrier of culture, religion, nationality, gender, class and individualism, to cooperate in achieving a just, sustainable, interdependent and peaceful world free of poverty.

Palms Australia recruits and supports Australian professionals to share their skills and their lives with people of many different cultures. Program participants are inspired by the life lessons of a new cultural perspective. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Why “Palms Together”?

Whether it’s a handshake, a high-five, a prayer, or reaching out to give or receive, placing our palms together creates a human connection. Palms Australia provides an opportunity to create this same human connection and celebrate the rich diversity of cultures across the globe. Palms Australia works to achieve this solidarity creating and strengthening connections between Australian and international communities.

Get Involved

Embracing and celebrating the cultural diversity of your community is a powerful thing. Register your event now and we’ll send you a host pack to get started. This year we are celebrating Palms Together Day in September, though you can host your event any time of the year.

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