Palms Together Day brings people together to celebrate cultural diversity while supporting remote communities to develop sustainable solutions to poverty.

Hosting an event can be as simple as having a few friends over for dinner, or as large scale as a public event for your whole community. It doesn’t matter what you do; celebrating cultural diversity and creating connections to overseas communities is a wonderful thing. Here are some ideas for how you can get your friends, family, colleagues, students or community involved.


  • Breakfast, lunch or dinner: Invite friends and family over for a meal and ask them to bring a dish from a culture they identify with. Ask them to share the story behind their dish.
  • Create a cookbook: Collect the recipes for each attendee’s dish prior to the day and create a cookbook. Share the cookbooks with attendees on the night, or email them a digital version.
  • Games of the world: Introduce your friends to a game from another culture, or ask attendees to suggest one from their own.
  • Cook together: Rather than asking attendees to bring a dish, ask them to bring ingredients and cook up a cultural feast together.
  • Dress up: Ask your guests to wear something from a culture they identify with.


  • Working lunch: Turn your weekly or monthly team meeting into a team lunch. Ask everyone to bring a plate to share, and to explain why they chose it.
  • Morning or afternoon tea: Instead of your usual muffins and biscuits, ask the team to bring something closer to their culture to snack on. Think Vietnamese rice paper rolls, Indian samosas, Chinese dumplings, Israeli falafels or Turkish baklava.
  • Outsource: Organise a team lunch or dinner at a local international restaurant.
  • Bake-off: Organise an office bake-off with an international twist.


  • Movie screening: Screen a foreign film/s at a local venue that celebrates multiculturalism.
  • Games/trivia night: Host a game or trivia night featuring games from or questions about other cultures.
  • Concert: Round up local talent and host a community talent show, world music festival, jazz evening or choir performance.
  • Film festival: Screen a series of short films from around the world, or host a local short film festival with a theme that celebrates multiculturalism.
  • Cocktail event: Organise a community cocktail event, ball or dinner. Arrange to have multicultural foods served, a performance from a world musician, or encourage attendees to wear something from their culture.

School or University

  • Cake stall: Organise a cake stall featuring treats from around the world.
  • Canteen takeover: Introduce foods from around the world at the canteen for a week.
  • Guest speaker/s: Invite a prominent figure from a local community group to speak to students about their culture.

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