Global Educator encompasses a number of ideas.  It exists to help us conceive ourselves as global citizens reaching beyond every barrier of culture, religion, nationality, gender, class and individualism.  This is counter cultural, especially for the privileged (many of us in Australia) who do okay keeping such barriers in place. 

The publishers have no monopoly on Global Education.  Our aspiration is for interdependent reflection and action to achieve a just and sustainable world, free of poverty that enables peaceful and equitable resolutions to contested ideas. We wish to be both teachers and learners and hope that all who access Global Educator want the same.

As the by-line portrays Global Educator intends to help us re-imagine a just world.  Currently we are in a world of uncertainty that starkly underlines a lack of equity in access to human essentials.  However, it is also inspiring new thinking about better care for people and planet.  Another positive revelation of this time is that systems can change when we collectively identify the need. 

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