This Easter new life is possible

This Easter new life is possible

by Roger O’Halloran

The significance of the approximation of COVID-19 to Good Friday should not be lost on us.  Many have faced death.  In a way they die for the sins of the privileged among us who have the opportunity to self-isolate.  What proportion of the world’s population has that capacity?

It is clear that the death toll is highest among the oppressed and dispossessed.  We are seeing a stark, shameful reminder that the poor are most vulnerable.

With the space we now have in our lives can we allow ourselves to be conscientised about how we are part of the oppression; part of the structural, inequitable distribution of opportunity?  Can we rise from this death to a new life in solidarity?  

While you are self-isolating consider enquiring about an experience that will assist resurrect us all to a new life.  It’s a great opportunity to re-boot; to achieve all those ideals for a better world.  Please seriously consider and talk to us further about this!

Wishing you the happiness and hope of Easter!