11 Overseas Teaching Positions Currently Available

11 Overseas Teaching Positions Currently Available

Whether it’s primary or tertiary, English or drama, in a classroom or in the field, teaching in any capacity is incredibly rewarding. If you have qualifications in teaching and are looking for a challenging, refreshing and life-changing experience in a new culture, why not give volunteering overseas a go?

Our partner communities around the world are looking for skilled and passionate pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary teachers to work with local staff to improve education outcomes and create more opportunities for people in remote, under-resourced areas. Think you’re up for the challenge? Here are 11 overseas volunteer opportunities for teachers currently available.

1. Teach English in Pathein, Myanmar

Pathein, formerly called Bassein, is the largest city and the capital of the Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar, 120 km west of Yangon. It’s a thriving, busy city, particularly along the riverfront, and Myanmar’s most important delta port outside Yangon.

St John’s Catholic School in Pathein requires two volunteer English Teachers to teach English as a second language, as well as provide mentoring to local English teachers. St John’s provides education to approximately 300 students from different ethnic and religious backgrounds (80% Buddhist, 20% Christian and Muslim). The school currently includes Years 5 – 8, and in 2018 is intending to include Year 9, with a view to Year 10 in 2019.

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2. Teach secondary English or Science in South Tarawa, Kiribati

A 1989 United Nations report identified Kiribati as one of the countries that could completely disappear in the 21st century if steps are not taken to address global climate change. Since then, the Kiribati Government have identified that it may be too late. Becoming climate refugees appears to be more and more likely. If they do need to migrate away from their homes, a solid education will be even more important for providing them with the opportunity to live and work elsewhere.

The Catholic Education Office (CEO) in Kiribati requires at least two volunteer secondary English and Science teachers to take up long-term placements. The volunteers will support and develop appropriate organisational systems within the schools, mentor local teachers and provide professional development.

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3. Train teachers in Pago Pago, American Samoa

High school students in American Samoa are typically reading at a 4th grade level. This means that at some point during their elementary education, students are being left behind. We know that a good education is the key to a good future, and this volunteer position is an opportunity for an experienced teacher to contribute to a better future for young people in American Samoa.

The volunteer will work across the four catholic schools (secondary and elementary) in American Samoa to provide mentoring and support for school leaders and catholic education office staff.

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Hatubuilico hills
Hills in Hatubuilico

4. Mentor teachers in Hatubuilico, Timor-Leste

Sitting 1917m above sea level, Hatubuilico is a remote rural community located approximately 8km from Mt Ramelau, at the centre of the mountainous interior of Timor-Leste. The Parish of Hatubuilico are looking for a volunteer secondary teacher to help build the professional capacity of secondary teachers in the community. You’ll provide training and mentoring to local teachers in English and assist with their professional development in curriculum design; lesson planning; and evaluation.

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5. Teach IT, Physical Education, Art or Music in Nairobi, Kenya

The Ruben Centre provides quality education, health, financial and social services to children and families in Nairobi’s Mukuru community. The Ruben Centre is a non-profit, charity organisation run by the Christian Brothers African Province.

The Centre requires experienced primary teachers with specialist skills (including inclusive education, IT, physical education, art and music) to take on a one to two year placement. The volunteer Teachers will work closely with the Centre’s teaching staff to improve their teaching skills, develop their primary school and vocational training programs, and develop curriculum.

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Children smiling in their classroom at Ruben Centre
Classroom at the Ruben Centre, Nairobi

6. Teach vocational English in Fatumaca, Timor-Leste

Don Bosco Technical School in Fatumaca, Timor-Leste, has a student population of 250, and provides a 3-year vocational course that specialises in building construction, mechanical electrical installation and electronic communications. The school is looking for a vocational English teacher to mentor, support and strengthen the current teachers and ensure that they can continue to provide best practice in the teaching of English as a second language.

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7. Teach English or Science in Myeik, Myanmar

The untouched and remote Myeik Archipelago is a beautiful coastal and island area in the extreme south of Myanmar on the Andaman sea. The estimated population is 284,498.

St Albert’s Catholic Affiliated Middle/Boarding School in Myeik requires a volunteer English Teacher and a volunteer Science Teacher to provide mentoring and support to teachers and students in English language learning and curriculum development. The school accepts students from remote areas where ethnic minority families have experienced ongoing disadvantage.

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St Albert's school library in Myeik
St Albert’s school library in Myeik

8. Teach English in Becora, Timor-Leste

Sagrado Coração de Jesus, a co-educational catholic secondary school in Becora, a suburb to the east the capital (Dili) requires a secondary English teacher to help increase their students’ access to quality education.

The volunteer will support and mentor English teachers and assist the students to develop their English writing, listening, speaking and reading skills.

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9. Teach pre-school and primary school students in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea

Tulele Peisa is a NGO based in the Carteret Islands that was established in 2007 to facilitate an ecologically and culturally sustainable relocation and resettlement of the Tulun/Carteret Atoll community, who are facing threats from climate change. They’re looking for a volunteer Early Childhood/Primary Teacher to provide mentoring and support for teachers, while working closely with the school board, parents and students to improve community educational outcomes. Your work will help empower locals to make sustainable changes in their community.

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Teacher at St Dominic's School, Bougainville
Teacher at St Dominic’s in Bougainville.

10. Teach English to Tourism and Hospitality students in Venilale, Timor-Leste

The Instituto Filhas de Maria Auxiliadora (IFMA) in Venilale, a regional community located about 30km south of Baucau, requires an English Teacher to work with the students and teachers of their vocational (Tourism and Hospitality) school.

By improving the staff and students’ English skills, you’ll be making it easier for graduates to find work in the hospitality sector, as it will help them engage with international tourism partners and visitors directly.

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11. Teach secondary English, Humanities or Science in Leulumoega, Samoa

Leulumoega Tuai is a village situated on the northwest coast of Upolu island in Samoa. Paul VI College, a Catholic co-educational secondary school, is looking for English, Humanities and Science teachers to help address a national teacher shortage.

While helping lessen the strain on local teachers and the Samoan government, you’ll also contribute to the overall skill development of local teachers. You’ll also be providing the opportunity for an increased selection of subject choices, which will help local students excel academically.

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