Did You Forget Someone This Christmas?

Did You Forget Someone This Christmas?

This year I promise to be organised. I will make a list of all my friends and family and find the perfect gift for every one of them. I will shop now to beat the Christmas rush, spring clean the house and do all the odd jobs around the house that I haven’t got around to and buy a beautiful Christmas tree to decorate. I’ll also plan the perfect Christmas dinner with roast turkey and vegetables, prawns, oysters and a Christmas pudding doused in brandy and set alight. It will be a perfect day.

This year we will wake up early and walk into town to celebrate mass with our friends and family. We will be thankful for the rain that has helped put food on our table, the new road that allows us to take our produce to the city to sell and that no more lives have been lost to violence in our area this year. We are especially thankful to our guests from Australia who help our teachers make the school better and teach our nurses how to protect us from disease. We pray that our children will not witness more atrocities and grow up with food on the table, shelter above their heads and live a long and healthy life. It has been a good year and we look forward to celebrating Christmas together.

It really doesn’t take much to substantially change the future for our friends in East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Kiribati, South Africa, Thailand, Zambia, Ethiopia and Tanzania. Before you plan this Christmas, please consider adding Palms to your Christmas list.

Here are three ways you can help:

  • Set up a tax-deductible monthly donation of just $85 per month or whatever you can reasonably afford and encourage your family to do the same. For every 10 people that do this, Palms can support a volunteer in the field for a year.
  • Buy Christmas presents that will really be appreciated and used such as delicious fair trade, organic coffee, tea, hot chocolate or coffee making classes, plungers or grinders through our online shop.
  • Ask your local school, church, club, community group, Rotary or work HR department if they can promote CoffUp – half of the profits can go to their nominated cause and half will support Palms.

On behalf of the thankful overseas communities that Palms is privileged to work with, we thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas.