Two Minute Videos Capture the Benefits of Volunteering

Two Minute Videos Capture the Benefits of Volunteering

We’re proud to launch our YouTube channel with five new videos which capture different aspects of volunteering with Palms. We hope you take the time to view each video and share them with your friends on facebook. The volunteers featured in these videos were placed with the assistance of AusAID funding.

Our first video “Volunteers Speak from Timor-Leste” includes Mim, Damian and Anne talking about their experiences as volunteers in environmental management, nursing and teaching. This should be the first video for those considering volunteering overseas.

Secondly, we have a video featuring the perspectives of Timorese people, including Nobel Prize Winner and former President, Dr Jose Ramos Horta, head of OHM in Maliana, Mana Rince and John, a teacher from Atabae community. This video captures how Timorese people see volunteers and the opportunities for skill exchange Palms’ model of volunteering provides.

Next, we have a video exploring the reasons why individuals might donate to support the above work. We understand that each donor sees many different development projects seeking their money and we still believe, and put quite effectively in this video, why sharing skills in local communities is one of the most empowering, effective and cost-effective methods of reducing poverty. It covers many of our Ten Reasons to support Palms.

Our fourth video promotes Palms Encounters, our two-week trips to East Timor and Kiribati. Encounters themselves don’t involve any actual volunteering, but provide a chance to visit volunteers and see what good volunteering can do both for hosts and volunteers themselves. They also provide a terrific grounding for further engagement in working for global peace and justice.

Finally, we have an animated infographic showing how volunteers are part of a global movement contributing to achieving the MDGs, making measurable differences in reducing global poverty.

We would like to thank all who participated in these videos, particularly the very talented Kent, Jody and Melissa who put in such tremendous work to communicate our messages so well.