Registration Open for Encounter: Timor-Leste 2010

Registration Open for Encounter: Timor-Leste 2010

Palms Australia has opened registration for Encounter: Timor-Leste 2010.

Palms Encounters are guided short-term cross-cultural experiences available to individuals or groups of up to 8 participants.

These 10-day cross-cultural experiences are designed to provide an insight into the daily life of people of another culture; an understanding of sustainable approaches to development, including ecological sustainability; and an insight into the life and work of development volunteers.

Palms’ Encounters are designed to maximise benefits for participants and host communities, avoiding perpetuating negative or romanticised stereotypes of other cultures. As a result they may not always be comfortable and may in fact challenge participants perceptions of a number of issues. They will, however, be more beneficial in understanding the truth about global interdependence and the roles that different people can take in making the world a better place for all.

To find out more and register your interest, visit our Encounter Page.