UNIT 1: History & Philosophy of Palms


This unit provides an introduction to the history of Palms Australia.

This is the first of four units in this self-paced course. You will need to complete all four units before you attend the orientation course in person.

Please ensure you click through both slide presentations and the quiz on this page before pressing the continue button to obtain completion success. The best way to view the slides is to click on the three vertical dots in the bottom left hand corner and select ‘Enter full screen’.

1.1 Opening our hands to the World


When answering the following questions please choose the most correct response.
QUIZ: History and Philosophy of Palms

QUIZ: History and Philosophy of Palms

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1. The Paulian Association started in
2. After PNG what was the first Pacific country Palms Participants undertook assignments:
3. How many years after sending program participants to PNG did Palms send participants to Chile?
4. The major purpose of Palms Global Mission is to contribute to:
5. The first aim of Palms Mission expects participants to:
6. Which of the following is suggested to assist the achievement of peaceful world?
7. Why is thinking as a Pilgrim important to one’s approach to a Palms placement?
8. From which sector of Anthony Gittins cultural matrix does he suggest you will best achieve Palms mission abroad?
9. Palms pays living allowances that will require sacrificing material wants more available to “volunteers” from other agencies. Why?
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