Family, farewells and food

Family, farewells and food

Madeleine completed her 12 month placement as English Teacher and Community Development Mentor in Atabae, Timor Leste in mid July 2023 and Malcolm finished his placement in Animal Husbandry in mid June 2023. Madeleine shares some departing photos below:

Madeleine and Malcolm celebrated lunch with their immediate Timorese family as a thank-you gift before their departure.

Lunch comprised of hot chooks (Super Rooster style) and versions of minced meat Bolognaise sauce, traditional caramel pudding, and caramel cake, vegetables and Timor rice.  And the kids were also treated with party bags and chocolate cupcakes!

They shared some speeches and thanked the family for their welcome and hospitality over the past year. Maria commented that she will miss Malcolm’s assistance with the goats eye infections, and baby goats. 

Malcolm’s final comments:

It has been an honour to volunteer with Palms and a privilege and an honour to have had the opportunity to help the people of Atabae who are less fortunate than ourselves and it has been, despite the challenges and setbacks, a wonderful experience to have shared with my Fiancé Madeleine. Where the local people of Atabae lack money and possessions they well and truly make up for it in faith and family.

The most positive aspects of Madeleine’s time away:
  • Living within our means and living a simple lifestyle.
  • Being away from the first world rat-race.
  • Learning the culture and lifestyle of the Timorese people.
  • Growing in appreciation for the tenacity and resilience of the Timorese people.

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