Mitigating Climate Change Impact

Palms has recruited, prepared, sent and supported 88 program participants in Kiribati since 1980.  In this time we have witnessed the increasing impact of climate change.  It has steadily eroded the environment allowing the sea to encroach upon the atoll.  Bridget Kennelly (January 2019 to March 2021) and Philip Drew (2020) were teaching and mentoring at Immaculate Heart College in Taborio, Kiribati. Sr Maata, the Principal of the college, recently sent us a photo update highlighting the mitigation required to manage the rising sea.

Kiribati is significantly impacted by the consequences of climate change.  Rising sea levels are flooding these very low lying atolls every time there is a king tide.  Nearly 16 years of sea-level data from the Australian Project was analysed and the sea-level trend for Tarawa was a rise of 3.9mm per year (up to September 2008), a total 6.1cm sea-level rise for the area. If this rate continues, loss of land will be significant in the next 50 years.

Local efforts of adaptation have included repairing/rebuilding sea walls.  You will see the efforts of hard work by students, teachers and local work men in the pictures below.

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