Vaccination for ALL!

Vaccination for ALL!

Palms Australia calls for global Covid-19 vaccination with priority given to those most vulnerable, and for open-source development and manufacture of vaccines.

If we are truly “all in this together” we must open our hearts and resources to those nations most affected by this pandemic, and whose health services risk being overwhelmed.

In accord with Palms’ vision of a just, sustainable, interdependent and peaceful world free of poverty, assisting those countries with otherwise limited capacity to vaccinate their communities will save many lives, boost recovery and reboot the community projects they had placed on hold. Open-source development and manufacture will prevent vaccines being limited only to those communities able to afford them. Rather it will enable rapid community vaccination, provide employment and opportunity, and stimulate diverse community, education and economic activities.

Prioritising the needs of the most vulnerable in the majority world arrests the pandemic in the critical mass, with “trickle-up” benefits for the healthier, already well-protected communities who re-engage with them. In the reverse scenario, providing more protection to those already protected , while ignoring the plight of the majority “others” allows the pandemic to continue unabated, with devastating consequences for all. Until all are safe, no one is safe.

The Spirit be with all in the front line of this catastrophe, and persistently move our collective palms in action and their advocacy. You can support this campaign by signing the petition linked here.