World Tourism Day: Samoa

World Tourism Day: Samoa

By Helen Colla

In January 2018Helen Colla began her Palms placement as Technical Program Accreditation Officer, sharing her auditing and compliance management skills with Don Bosco College and Vocational Technical Centre – Savai’i, Samoa. Helen extended her placement for another year in order to be involved in the delivery stage of the program.

One does not realise the importance of tourism on a country’s economy until there are no tourists.

While there is no Corona Virus in Samoa, the effects of the pandemic have still reached its shores. Due to COVID, Samoa has shut its borders to tourists. The economy and the locals have suffered.

In spite of this, Don Bosco College and Vocational Technical Centre (DBCVTC) has continued the delivery of Samoa’s first Certificate I in Hospitality. The students are learning valuable skills and knowledge of the hospitality and tourism industry.

Learning how to prepare beds in accommodation establishments
Practicing table set up in DBCVTC Greenlow Bistro

While the hotels and resorts are quiet, the students have been able to visit various establishments to see first-hand how Samoans service tourists. Luckily the Samoan government and locals are supporting some of the resorts and hotels so that they can remain open and operational. These skills and knowledge will be invaluable once tourists return to Samoa’s shores.

A visit to one of the local resorts

This wonderful group of students are learning communication skills, how to source industry information, safe food handling techniques and how to service tourists. Their dreams are to work in hotels and resorts and provide good, friendly service to visitors to Samoa’s shores.

A field trip to the Samoa Savai’i Tourism Association

Samoans are so proud of their culture and island homes that they would love to share them with tourists. Hopefully one day soon they can.