Palms’ Impact on Kenyan OT: Physio services now more accessible.

Palms’ Impact on Kenyan OT: Physio services now more accessible.

By Fredrick Mitieng.

Learning is a continuous process. This has been well demonstrated with Laura Saldanha being a part of the Ruben Centre Therapy Department over the past 9 months. As an Occupational Therapist, I have been fortunate to learn more about Physiotherapy assessment and treatment techniques and have really expanded my knowledge and skills in this area. This has improved my personal service to our clients and has increased my confidence when dealing with more complicated situations. It has also been beneficial having someone to discuss difficult client presentations with, thus coming up with the best treatment plan for the individual.

Since Laura arrived the department has really grown. I feel that this is due to the expansion of services we are now able to offer. Previously, the community had to walk long distances to receive physiotherapy treatment, but now this is much more accessible.

Personally, I have really benefited from the program and I don’t want to imagine that it will come to an end! Let me say a word of thank you on behalf of our clients who have been receiving different services from Laura.

Frederick is a Kenyan occupational therapist at The Ruben Centre in Nairobi. He has been working alongside Laura Saldanha for 9 months. You can support Freddy and the allied health team at The Ruben Centre by donating to this project.