Cultural Expression for Preservation – Photo Essay

Cultural Expression for Preservation – Photo Essay

By Tep Tengdui.

For me the importance of the cultural show is to hold onto old traditions. Nowadays in Papua New Guinean traditional dress is no longer worn.  If the cultural shows are not held the traditional dance, face painting, singing and dress will be lost to future generations.

The Kina shells which are worn by the women were all part of the traditional bride price. These Kina shells and elaborate head dresses with the bird of paradise feathers were all part of and still are used for special celebrations.

For the weeks leading up to the shows there are a lot of practice sessions for dancing, singing and playing the traditional drums. The children and many others attend these sessions so that this exposure to the culture will ensure these traditions will not be lost. PNG people are a very proud people and want to keep the culture and traditions alive.


Tep is an apprentice with the Archdiocese of Mt Hagen in Papua New Guinea. He has been working with Palms volunteer Brian McDonald to provide local electrical contractors, trainees and vocational students with professional mentorship You can support Tep and the Archdiocese of Mt Hagen by donating to the electrician training project.