First Impressions: A Physio in Nairobi

First Impressions: A Physio in Nairobi

You may have read news of our recent orientation course. Wasting no time, Laura, our physio from Perth, has landed in Nairobi, ready to get started working with the fantastic team at The Ruben Centre. We asked her how things are going. Here are Laura’s first impressions of her new home and her new workplace.

“Things are going well! I’ve been getting a good amount of sleep and have been taking it easy whilst I get used to everything. I have located a nearby gym and am planning on first driving there with Bev to sus out the route then will go once a week straight after work. That way it will still be day light. I’ve decided that I’ll only run on the weekends with friends in the forest and will do my own strength/cardio exercise up and down the stairs in the apartment block during the week 🙂 Hopefully i’ll start that next week once i’m a bit more settled in and acclimatised.

My work role is much more clear now after meeting with Br Frank and Freddy. I’ll be starting out in the children’s therapy room then will expand services into ante- and post-natal care and a back pain clinic which sounds great. I’m loving the vibe at The Ruben Centre. Everyone has been so welcoming and have promised to help me learn Swahili ASAP 🙂

So all in all, so far so good!”

Laura is literally hitting the ground running. She has been welcomed by the team at The Ruben Centre and fellow Palms volunteer Bev. Frank from the Centre has shared insights on Laura’s counterpart and resources.

“Laura busy as in her first two days at work. We really do have a one in a million OT and he is gathering kids/ patients from all over. We also have a big room and lots of equipment etc.”

The Ruben Centre provides healthcare and other services to residents of one of Nairobi’s poorest communities. Laura will be working alongside the current OT to expand the services currently offered by the Centre. If you want to follow Laura’s journey learning Swahili, working abroad, and expanding The Ruben Centre’s ante- and post-natal services, let us know and follow us on Facebook to get all our updates.

If you want to see the incredible work Laura is contributing to at The Ruben Centre, check out her Instagram. You can support her and the team at The Ruben Centre directly by donating to their project.