First Aid Classes in Kiribati

First Aid Classes in Kiribati

Palms volunteer Sue Bartlett has been working with local teachers to improve youth health outcomes in Kiribati. Here is a week in the life of Sue on a remote island in Kiribati.

May 29, 2018

I started my first First Aid course yesterday.  I have 4 students and Sr Maata and I  have decided to give an hour lesson each day Monday – Friday for 2 weeks in the hope of covering all the material necessary.  I have stated that there will be a written and practical assessment for the course so that the participants will know they are competent in their first aid (not in those words though).  I will adjust the course as we go if necessary.

I’ve hit the ground running this term, as now the students trust me I’m getting approached by more of them.  We have had a run of flu like symptoms and with so many students in the dorms they are sharing their germs around!  I’m well though, touch wood, and time is flying by.

June 6, 2018

I can’t believe we have started week 3 of the second term.  The time is flying by. The First Aid classes seem to be going well, the students are getting used to having to turn up to take their antibiotics (slowly) although I am having trouble getting them to understand that they have to complete the course not just take them til the symptoms are gone.

I will try again tomorrow at the School Assembly with an interpreter.

We are happy to hear Sue is doing well and if you’d like more information on her placement, check out her page.