Celebrating 70 in Samoa

Celebrating 70 in Samoa

This weekend, Palms volunteer Helena celebrated her 70th birthday with friends in Savai’i, Samoa.

Here at Palms we adore alliteration so when we heard Helena celebrated her 70th at the Savaiian Hotel in Saleloolga on Savai’i, we couldn’t wait to share the event with Helena’s supporters. Helena told Palms her birthday dinner was a lovely, quiet evening with good food. She shared the milestone with fellow Palms Volunteers Helen Colla, Sue Ryan, and Brother Peter.

Helena has been working with Don Bosco College and Vocational Technical Centre as a teacher and library assistant, providing professional skill development for Samoan teachers. She has been developing staff teaching methods in English and science. As one of the leading educational providers for young people in Samoa, Don Bosco College is committed to the professional development of local staff and teachers.

While we enjoy hearing about the work our volunteers do with their partner organisations, we  love to show our supporters how volunteers spend their time doing the things they would do in Australia. Despite the differences that our volunteers encounter when relocating to a new country, a birthday dinner is a birthday dinner.

Happy birthday, Helena!