CoffUp Is Live – Twist Some Arms and Help Us Spread the Word

CoffUp Is Live – Twist Some Arms and Help Us Spread the Word

Movember, Red Nose Day, Jeans For Genes… it seems that every charity needs a signature campaign to raise awareness and funds to support their cause these days. So Palms took on this challenge and invented CoffUp – a national fundraising drive which we believe is the first in Australia to sell our national drinks (coffee, tea and hot chocolate) to fight global poverty in developing countries.

It really is very simple. Brendan built an amazing website, where anyone can buy fair trade organic coffee, tea and hot chocolate – delightful, delectable, simply scrumptious beverages that will please the most particular palate. There are also plungers, grinders and coffee making classes for sale.

You can of course:

  • buy yourself and everyone you know a most delicious Christmas present
  • email or Facebook everyone you have ever said hello to and announce this special event
  • twist the arms of your friends, family and work colleagues and strongly suggest they combine forces to get free shipping on an order over $200
  • petition your boss to ditch the Nestlé and stock the staff room with beverages that make their employees smile

and we would love you if you could do any of these, but the reason for this little article is to ask if you can also help Palms spread the word throughout the community.

Our offer is straightforward – if any community organisation promotes CoffUp they will receive half of the profits for their cause (e.g. $10 per kg of coffee). All they need to do is register at the bottom of We’ll send them a code and some pretty brochures which they can email or send out to their supporters. We handle all the orders and send them a cheque at the end of the campaign – it’s that easy.

This is where we need your help can you approach any of the following organisations in your local area and ask if Palms can help them fundraise through CoffUp?

  • Schools (through parents & friends associations, principals, religious education coordinators)
  • Churches (priests, fundraising committees)
  • Hospitals (directors of mission, fundraising committees, marketing & community relations)
  • Local Rotary group
  • Sporting clubs and other community organisations
  • Other charities

If you or anyone you approach would like more information about CoffUp please feel free to call me on 02 9518 9551 or email me at [email protected].

Your fearless fundraising fanatic,

Sean Dostal