Membership: A Clearer Structure

Membership: A Clearer Structure

In recent years, we have written several times about what membership of Palms Australia involves and what distinguishes a member of the “company” Palms Australia from a donor or returnee.

The board of directors has agreed to the following points to better articulate how membership works.

Membership contributions can no longer be made as a tax-deductible donation.

This is in line with the practices of other member-based non-government organisations and allows a simpler process for membership records.

A concession membership rate is now available.

We recognise that many who would like to be members of Palms Australia may have limited means. A concession rate is available to pensioners and students.

Donors who have given over $1000 will still be eligible to have their membership fee waived.

Individuals who have given more than $1000 in a financial year, will be able to complete their application for a new membership, or membership renewal, without making an additional payment.

Each year the board of directors will prescribe a standard membership form and annual fee.

The form for the year 2013-2014 is enclosed with this Palms Post. This form must be completed even if fees are waived.

The membership form will allow for an optional donation which will be tax deductible.

Members able to make a contribution larger than the annual fee will be able to do so tax-deductibly.

Please add your gift in the appropriate space.

Member Benefits

Beginning or renewing a membership of Palms Australia provides the following benefits:

Participation in our mission

Members have a say in the direction of the organisation through participation and voting in general meetings, including the election of board members.

Other events such as strategic reviews thrive because of the participation of members.

Regular and comprehensive communication

Members of the organisation receive regular communications, including Palms Post magazine and Palms Australia’s annual report.

A strong organisation committed to working in solidarity to reduce poverty

Membership fees cover the costs of servicing members’ needs and help maintain Palms’ strength and clarity of purpose.

Membership contributions also allow Palms Australia to direct donations to their intended purpose of mobilising the volunteers requested by partner communities seeking to reduce poverty.

Please complete Membership Form 2013-2014 to become a new member of Palms Australia or renew your membership for 2013-2014.