A Legacy in Two Lands

A Legacy in Two Lands

Bequests not only assist development of communities seeking to reduce poverty, but ultimately build the awareness and capacity of more Australians to engage in human development. They can begin a never ending contribution to Palms’ vision of a just and peaceful world free of poverty.

It’s worth 7 times more than you give

A bequest to Palms Australia can give so much more to poverty reduction. It will allow a community to cover the costs of hosting a skilled Australian who volunteers to assist develop the capacity of individuals and vital community organisations. $10,000 covers a volunteer’s accommodation, living allowance and insurance costs, but delivers $70,000 (Australian wage) of expert training over 12 months.

A gift that gives forever

The training provided by your bequest will promote self-reliance and sustainable development well into the future because it will assist a community to develop its people and work practices and build valuable infrastructure.

What makes it sustainable?

Australian professionals who volunteer assist to train local:

  • Teachers to develop better long-term educational opportunities for local children,
  • Health workers who will improve health practises in their community for years to come,
  • Farmers who can deliver ongoing food security for their communities,
  • Trades people who assist to develop appropriate infrastructure for a sustainable economy,
  • Administrators and business people to ensure efficient and effective business management

Help others to see what you see

A volunteer provides useful training in an overseas community for around two years. At the same time Palms keeps the Australian community informed of their work. The rare experiences of first-hand stories from other lands serve to educate Australians about effective action for sustainable development. Such stories inspire possibilities for relationships of understanding acceptance and care with people of a culture different from one’s own.

Upon return from serving in an overseas community most continue to share the good news at work in schools, hospitals, private businesses and charities, or in their spare time, helping to encourage countless more people to act for a just, interdependent and peaceful world.

Leaving a bequest

A bequest can take a number of forms. One we received this week was for a specific cash amount. This, or a percentage of your estate, is a general bequest. You may make a specific bequest such as a gift of real estate, jewellery, or other investment. Or, you may choose to provide a residual bequest, which is the balance of your estate after all other provisions have been met.

Whichever you choose you can be sure that a bequest to Palms Australia will multiply your gift by mobilising those who volunteer to assist sustainable poverty reduction overseas and then return to inspire others to similar action.

Speak to Roger about organising a pro-bono lawyer to assist. All inquiries via [email protected] or by calling (02) 95189551 will be handled discreetly.

We’re sorry to hear of the recent passing of two Palms volunteers and one supporter.
David Murray (Samoa, 1999-2000)
Marietje Stuckey (Kiribati, 2007-2009)
Tina Visnar (Sacred Grounds Organic Coffee)
May they rest in peace.