The Only Constant is Change

The Only Constant is Change

This issue’s Director’s Report mentions a few changes we’ve experienced already this year.

We are thankful for the contributions of Marie Gilbert and Fiona Cairns, who completed their year with us at the end of January. Both contributed tremendously to the growth of Palms last year, to achieve our biggest year of recruitment in the last decade. Their experience in the field, their dedication to the work and the positive spirit they brought to the office was appreciated by staff and volunteers and while they have moved on to other things, we know they will still be involved with Palms Australia. We wish them well.

As ever, Palms’ work continues and we are happy to welcome two new staff to the office.

Sarah Torcasio’s previous work at the Diplomacy Training Project has prepared her well to take responsibility for Palms’ Encounters, Information Sessions, Orientation Course, Re-Entry Weekends, AGM and Fundraising Dinner (details to come soon).

Fiona Johnson, our new Community Engagement Coordinator, will increase our engagement with the broader Australian community – donors, media, other NGOs and anyone else who shares a vision of a just, sustainable, peaceful and interdependent world.

Too numerous to name individually, our wonderful new office volunteers have already assisted with policy revision, IT support, publications, digitising old photos (stay tuned to our website/facebook for more on this) and re-organising our office. It is the generosity of such volunteers which has kept Palms going beyond 50 years and we are immensely grateful for their contributions.

The infographic on the following page shows the change that a little certainty can make. AusAID’s contribution, highlighted in many of the letters this issue, makes a demonstrable effort to Palms’ ability to deliver real value to our partner communities. Also worth noting is the tremendous value of volunteering when compared to direct gifts. What comes beyond this graph though is not certain, but we do know that the relationships on which we have built our uniquely effective development work will remain vital.