Membership: Sign Up For 2011/2012

Each year at this time, we ask our supporters to become members or renew their membership of Palms Australia.

Occasionally, however, individuals who have made donations during the year are confused by the request, operating as they are under the belief that as returnees or donors, they are also members of Palms Australia.

It is worthwhile therefore to clarify what membership of Palms Australia entails.

Members of Palms Australia are essentially the owners of our vision and mission.  Members support Palms in a number of ways, such as electing the Board of Directors, attending General Meetings and strategic planning days if possible, following the work of Palms through Palms Post and Annual Reports and sharing their own expertise to further Palms’ vision and mission.

There are also many other ways members can be involved, such as organising events to support and continue Palms’ work, promoting and advocating on behalf of Palms locally, making financial contributions and sharing broadly the perspectives of people with Palms’ vision.

Membership is also a legal status and therefore is not synonymous with being a returnee or donor, though of course many members are all three.  In order to maintain your membership, a Membership form must be completed each year with an enclosed donation to Palms Australia.  This year, being our 50th sending volunteers, we are suggesting a $50 minimum contribution.

Membership lasts for the duration of a financial year.  This means that in order to vote in the Election of Directors at October’s A.G.M., you will need to renew or apply for membership.

If you can return the enclosed form, with your donation by June 30th, you can also receive tax-deductibility in this financial year.

Simply put, the continuation of Palms Australia’s work depends upon its members. As a democratic organisation, Palms is open to your direction.

With over 1400 returnees, our target of 500 members is within reach.  If you are a returnee, applicant, donor, partner or other supporter, we hope you sign up and be a proud member of Palms Australia.

For more information, or to view our full constitution, please contact our head office on (02) 9518 9551.