Board of Directors: Nominations Needed

In recent issues of Palms Post, we have highlighted the “social capital” contributed by various individuals, without which Palms Australia would not run.

One very important contribution, individuals can make is as a Director on Palms’ Board.

Directors meet quarterly with the Executive Director to ensure the direction of Palms Australia reflects the desires of our members.  They utilise their expertise, currently as returned volunteers, academics, medical practitioners, accountants, development workers and educators, to ensure Palms remains faithful to our vision and mission.

Individuals with similar expertise, or expertise in other areas relevant to Palms Australia’s operation, such as law, governance, public relations, mission or business, are especially encouraged to apply.

The election of the board of directors for the next three years will coincide with  our AGM on October 22nd, to be held prior to our Jubilee Dinner celebration..

To ensure Palms Australia remains the strong, independent and principled organisation founded 50 years ago by Roy Boylan, while continuing to rise to modern challenges, we encourage you to get involved and contribute to Palms’ social capital in three ways:

  1. Become a Member or renew your Membership. (See previous article and enclosed membership form.)
  2. Reserve a seat or a table at our AGM/Jubilee Dinner on October 22nd.  Maybe you can introduce your workplace, friends and family to Palms by booking a whole table, or perhaps you could organise a table for the people you met at an Orientation Course.
  3. Consider nominating yourself or someone else suitable to be a Director of Palms Australia for the next three years.  (See enclosed nomination form.)

Thank you to our current Directors

Ineligible for re-election
Prof. Peter Kell (President)
Dr Paul Barrett

Eligible for re-election
Greg Browne (Treasurer)
Sharon Attard
Robert Coady
Dr Michael Douglas
Tonette Tokura

Director co-opted by board
Br Steve McLaughlin cfc

Executive Director
Roger O’Halloran

Recently retired Director
Sr Pat Malone rsj