New Positions

New Positions

Of our 13 participants in January’s Orientation Course, 8 have confirmed placements which will begin in the coming months, with several others awaiting final placement details.

Miriam Buchhorn and Damian Rake will be working as Water & Environmental Conservation Coordinator and Nurse respectively, for the Hatubuilico Community, Timor-Leste.  They and local staff will exchange the skills needed to ensure the work is effective and locally sustainable.

Anne Rauch is working as an Organisational Development Support Officer for Haburas Moris. Anne will assist this East Timorese NGO with its programs in agricultural development and food security,  women’s development and health and environmental sustainability.

Kernah Foster will teach Mathematics and Science to Form 6 and 7 students at Sacred Heart High School in Tarawa, Kiribati.  Kernah will be an important member of a staff with many young teachers.

Roger Bowen is working as an ambulance officer and paramedic for Maliana Hospital in the highlands of East Timor. Several local staff will work with Roger to exchange and enhance each other’s skills.

Anne Chapman is an experienced teacher working as a Community Education Officer for Atabae Parish.  Anne’s role is the latest in a long partnership between Palms, Atabae and Friends and Partners with East Timor (FPET).

Kathy Brick is working as a Primary Teacher at Edmund Rice Sinon School in Arusha, Tanzania. Kathy will be involved in the Special Transition/English Program and will seek opportunities to mentor less experienced teachers.

Heath Thompson (pictured with Angelino Benevides and David Marcel at Ahisaun Foundation) and is volunteering as Organisational Development Officer with Fundacao Lafaek Diak, an East Timorese NGO with programs in community-based health care, small business development, education and training and agricultural development.

We hope to shortly announce more positions filled in Uganda, Tanzania and Papua New Guinea.