Eight More Volunteer Profiles Online

Eight More Volunteer Profiles Online

Following Palms’ 91st Orientation Course, we have uploaded 8 more volunteer profiles. Each of these volunteers will depart within the next six months for their placements of up to two years.

Mim Buchhorn and Damian Rake will depart later this year to work with Hatubuilico Parish and Clinic in East Timor, working in water management and health care.

Anne Chapman will assist in developing local education opportunitis in Atabae, East Timor.

Roger Bowen will work as a paramedic and ambulance officer for Maliana hospital in the mountains of East Timor.

Anne Rauch will also work in Maliana, improving organisational and project management skills with Organisaun Haburas Moris.

Heath Thompson will work with Fundacao Lafaek Diak in Triloka, near Baucau, assisting with a variety of development projects, and improving the communication with overseas partner agencies.

Kathy Brick has accepted a placement with Edmund Rice Sinon School in Tanzania where she will work with the Special Transition/English Program.

Kernah Foster will soon depart for Kiribati, where she will work with senior students and teachers of Sacred Heart High School.

Five more participants are still finalising their placement options for Tanzania, Uganda and Papua New Guinea and will be featured on Palms’ website soon.