Palms Australia’s Development Philosophy

Development is an economic, social, cultural, spiritual and ecological process that encourages the empowerment and wellbeing of individuals, communities and organisations to reduce poverty, enjoy and nurture basic human rights and independence, and work towards a future where the interdependence of economic and ecological sustainability is achieved.

Palms Australia believes that all people contribute to their own development and we can contribute to the development of others only when invited to do so. Sustainable development derives from the co-ordinated and negotiated plans of the local community. Palms Australia views partnerships with local communities as part of an on-going and dynamic process of interaction, dialogue and negotiation within a work environment.

Palms supports a development by preparing qualified and experienced professionals to build the capacity of individuals and institutions within a community. With the main objective being to bring about the transfer of skills and knowledge to communities, Palms volunteers work side by side with the local people to develop the local skills and knowledge necessary for the communities to become self reliant. All communities served by Palms seek a future without dependence on money and handouts.