Why is Our PNG Fairtrade Coffee So Good?

Why is Our PNG Fairtrade Coffee So Good?

Since 2006, we have been proud to run The Fair Trade Coffee Company, continuing that radical part of Palms’ mission which seeks change in our own culture to achieve justice globally.

Coffee is the number one cash crop in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, with over two million people depending on money earned from coffee to cover basic living expenses such as food, children’s school fees, clothing and medicines.

Fairtrade certified coffee guarantees a fair wage to coffee farmers and a small Fairtrade premium which is used to benefit the whole community through projects in health, education, infrastructure or other necessary services.

Both our PNG coffee and our blend are also organic. Supporting organic production means supporting sustainable agriculture. Farmers receive a little more again for producing organic coffee and are able to resist the temptation to damage their ecosystem with chemical pesticides. Many PNG coffee farmers also grow their own family’s food in the same lots so this is good for the environment and the community.

Creating a fair alternative to the many “unfair” brands out there would not work if our coffee was not of a high quality. PNG is a prime coffee growing region and provides a robust flavoured coffee. Our coffees are roasted in Australia by our expert friends at Sacred Grounds, so the flavour is sealed in immediately before delivery. Their passion for good coffee means that we can feel safe knowing that no one can use quality as an excuse for not buying Fairtrade.

Of course, finally, when you buy coffee from The Fair Trade Coffee Company, you are also supporting the work of Palms Australia. You can read the rest of this magazine or visit our website if  you want to know why that’s worthwhile.

We’re moving online


After four years in Glebe Point Road, helping spread the news of fair trade to hundreds of thousands of consumers, we’re moving our business online.

While it is sad to say “Fare Well!” to our many staff and customers who have made a fair go for producers part of their daily lives, times do change.

We hope that all of our customers continue supporting Fair Trade by purchasing certified Fairtrade products from our online store and continue to campaign in their local communities until justice becomes the norm, rather than a radical activity.