Volunteers needed for Papua New Guinea in 2011

Palms Australia is seeking expressions of interest from skilled and professional people interested in volunteering in PNG or elsewhere from 2011.

Position Location Description
Accountant Vanimo A qualified accountant is required to assist local staff develop financial and business skills to improve program management.
Medical Practitioner Kiripia A doctor required to work in a rural community providing health care and training to local health workers
Teachers Variety of Locations Positions available at a number of schools for teachers of Mathematics, English and other areas
Workshop Manager Mt Hagen A supervisor/mentor needed to assist the management of a workshop and fleet of vehicles and train local staff.
Tradespeople Vanimo A variety of positions for joiners, welders, builders to work on building and manufacturing projects
School Technical Coordinator Simbu Assistance required in supervising and coordinating a number of technical departments at a Tech school.

All positions listed above are for two years. There are many more positions available, so if you feel called to give of yourself while participating in a life-changing experience, please call (02) 9518 9551 or complete our online enquiry form.

We are also seeking individuals and communities in Australia willing to help us fill these placements.  By helping us cover the costs of recruitment for one of these positions, you will help us place more volunteers to work in more communities.

What can you do?

  • Advertise for Palms Australia in your parish, community, workplace or industry bulletins
  • Hold an event with a group of interested friends to help cover the costs of recruiting a skilled volunteer
  • Commit to a recurring donation to Palms Australia.  A small amount each month makes a big difference.  Perhaps you could even take the 99% challenge and give 1%.

Contact Brendan Joyce for more information, or begin by discussing this with your friends and family right away.