Short-Term Volunteers Needed in Glebe (or Online)

Short-Term Volunteers Needed in Glebe (or Online)

While Palms Australia’s core business is recruiting, preparing and supporting volunteers for long-term overseas placements, we also depend greatly on the ability of people to contribute their skills locally.

Not everyone can travel overseas or commit to the length of time needed to achieve sustainable development but this does not mean they cannot volunteer usefully.

At present Palms requires some specialist expertise to maintain and finetune its operations.  If you have skills in one of the following areas, please contact Brendan Joyce today:

  • A MYOB expert is required to assist improve our systems for tracking donations for specific projects.  At present our system is a little unwieldy (though effective) and could benefit from a simple re-jig.
  • A Web Design expert is required to assist develop a functional Print CSS for our volunteer profiles.
  • A photographer willing to spend a day in our Fair Trade cafe producing quality pictures of our food and venue for use on our very-soon-to-be-upgraded website is also needed.
  • If you have a flourish for language and think you could contribute the right words to describe our cafe’s food, coffee, service, atmosphere and ethos, we could also use your copywriting skills.
  • Events organisers and fundraising coordinators are also always welcome.

Of course, Palms Australia could also benefit from the skills of people willing to give regular time in our office to administrative or operational tasks.  A regular commitment of a couple of days per week is most useful in building an understanding of our processes and contributing to our poverty reduction work.  It’s not always glamorous, but it is effective and makes a real difference.