Angelino’s Story

Angelino’s Story

Angelino is Palms’ latest Reverse Immersion participant. Here he explains what that involves and how it will benefit him and Ahisaun Foundation where he works in Timor-Leste.

My name is Angelino Benevides and I am 28 years old. I studied at Canossa Professional Institute (CPI). My background studies are Office Management Diploma 3. I finished my studies in 2008. My father, Gabriel Andrade, is 63 years old and is a teacher. My mother, Eduarda Benevides, is 45 years old, and cares for our home. I have two brothers and five sisters, who live with my parents in Maubisse. At present I live with my friends with disabilities in Ahisaun Foundation.

What Ahisaun Does!

Ahisaun has programmes in education, music, handcraft, sewing, computers and sports. Ahisaun members are becoming teachers of computer courses so that they can teach people who want to learn about the computer.

Ahisaun has sent some people with disabilities to local institutions for education. Ahisaun expects that when they finish, they will help their friends at the Ahisaun Foundation. One of them has finished study at the university. Ahisaun also has relationships with some donors in Australia like Palms and Podmore Foundation. Palms is an organization that helps to seek volunteers for parts of the world that need help.

Palms sent some volunteers to help Ahisaun to start in 2005. This work continues today. Two volunteers from Palms who will help Ahisaun next year are Lukas and Kristina.

What Ahisaun wants me to gain from Palms in Australia

Angelino celebrates his 28th birthday at Palms Australia
Angelino celebrates his 28th birthday at Palms Australia


I have to learn more about Administration, English language and understanding of Australia culture and I will make contact with people and find more support for Ahisaun in the future. Mario, Director of Ahisaun gained the opportunity for me to put my diploma in office management into practice in a different environment, giving me further experience in administration. Particularly, I am interested in seeing the ways that things are done effectively in Australia so that it can be adapted to the situation in East Timor, especially in Ahisaun. I am happy to gain some experience in Palms and apply new learning to my background studies at the university. I will be able to help Ahisaun’s future as the Palms staff make it easy for me to communicate. I am grateful to Podmore for helping me to access my new experience in Sydney, Australia.

I live with a nice family, Mr. Steve, Mrs Clare, and the son, David, who take care of me. I really love them. I didn’t imagine that I would live with such a hospitable family as they are; they give me more confidence in my self. Sydney is an interesting place for me.

Palms Australia would like to acknowledge the support offered by The Podmore Foundation, Newtown parish, Steve, Clare and David Jasek, and many other members, returnees and friends, without whom this placement would not have occurred.

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