Focus Workshops

Focus Workshops

Palms Australia hosted a one-day Focus Workshop on Saturday 23rd May at The Hermitage, Mittagong.

The workshop attracted participants discerning how they can be involved in international development, what volunteering with Palms Australia involves and how Australians can be part of a movement to a just and peaceful world.

“There are so many Australians seeking to contribute more to the world, either contributing financially or by volunteering their skills to worthwhile, effective programs.” Assistant Director Brendan Joyce explained.

“People are aware of many of the mistakes of the past, and are reluctant to blindly give money — this is a good thing — but there are few educational opportunities to find out how to assess which development projects are sustainable and appropriate.”

“Palms’ Focus Workshops are an excellent starting point for developing an understanding of good practice in poverty reduction work.”

These one-day workshops cater to people interested in volunteering, wishing to expand their knowledge of global issues, or considering a short-term Palms’ Encounter.

Further Focus Workshops will be held in Melbourne (27 June), Brisbane (18 July) and Adelaide (29 August).

For more details, contact Palms Australia on (02) 9518 9551 or online.