Re-Entry: Living Cross-Culturally Presents a Mix of Emotions.

Is re-entry to our own culture even harder

“…Our time in Bougainville PNG was wonderful, exciting, frustrating, educational, happy, sad and sometimes infuriating; some or all of these emotions likely to occur on the one day. However we gained a greater understanding of what it’s like to live in another culture and developed wonderful relationships with some of the Bougainvillean people as we lived and worked among them. It was a valuable experience, hopefully for them and certainly for us. Since our return we have shared our story and experiences with many people through the Catholic Leader, our community church, friends and family in an effort to increase knowledge and understanding of our northern neighbours.

To our amazement, it has been quite difficult settling back into our culture and Palms, with their wealth of experience and the re-entry programme, have assisted and supported us along this path.”

(Barry & Yvonne Dunne, Buka, Bougainville, PNG, Jan 2006 – September 2007)