Four Ways You Can Reduce Poverty

Remember Palms Australia in your Will

Late last year, Palms Australia received a substantial contribution to the Roy Boylan memorial bequest fund.

Contributions such as these allow Palms Australia to continue meeting the requests of our partner communities.

A bequest allows you to make the type of gift that might be desirable, but impossible to give in your lifetime.

We can discuss your specific requirements and can even arrange a pro-bono lawyer to assist in making a provision for the work of Palms Australia in your Will.

Palms CommUnity Partnerships

Palms Australia is still seeking schools, parishes, workplaces and clubs to connect with overseas communities.

By entering into a Palms CommUnity Partnership, you will receive regular updates about life and work in another country.

By hosting occasional events, your community will be drawn closer together, united in a desire to make a global difference, and will fund sustainable skill exchange in your partner community.

The overseas community benefits from the opportunity to develop the skills they have requested; your community benefits from exposure to the world beyond your postcode; the volunteer benefits from the moral and spiritual support your community provides and everyone benefits from moving together in solidarity.

Palms Australia’s 88th Orientation Course

This course, from the 5th until the 12th of July, provides an excellent opportunity to enhance your ability to work cross-culturally in appropriate and sustainable ways.

The course is open to those who will work cross-culturally abroad or locally, those who wish to have a better understanding of development and those who are interested in supporting a volunteer.

To reserve a place at the course, contact Palms’ new Recruitment and Preparation Officer, Jenni Murphy.

The 99% Challenge

Palms Australia’s volunteers live for less than 10% of the average Australian income. This is one of the reasons that volunteering is such a cost-effective form of development.

The 99% Challenge is a regular giving program which challenges individuals to live on 99% of their income, contributing the remaining 1% to the skill exchange programs.

Such a simple effort can make a big difference, so please promote this effort amongst your family, friends, colleagues, clients or staff. If just 10 people sign up, you will have provided a professional to an overseas community requesting skill development.