PALMS Office Movements

The Palms office has moved, but what about the personnel moving around in the office? Who are they? What do they do?

It is probably a little while since those either not in the field or in the application process were updated, so these shots and short profiles of the work being done might assist. There is of course much more to the role than what is able to be captured here. The detail can be sent to members upon request.

Country Program Coordinator
Christine collaborates closely with the volunteer and requesting communities to determine placement assignments that provide the best fit for the experience, qualifications and requirements of the volunteer and the needs and development aspirations of the receiving community.

Community Relations Coordinator
Brendan is concerned with recruitment, partnerships between communities/organisations in Australia and in host countries, maintaining Australian community support and development education. He is also our Webmaster and coordinates the CommUnity Initiative.

Finance and Accounts Coordinator
Eric balances the financial and human needs of employees, customers, suppliers, partners and program participants. He ensures that financial management is consistent with Palms’ ethical, social and environmental codes of conduct.

Anyone who calls the office has spoken to Damian. As well as answering the phone, he coordinates our mail; banking; ordering; proof reading; media monitoring and hospitality. Damian is our practical and good-humoured connection to the world.

Barbara administers the inquiries and processes the applications. She ensures all our application and preparation documents and forms are updated and available to those in the process at the appropriate times.

Frank takes up a diverse range of tasks when and as a need arises. This can range from maintaining our asset register to investigating the need for volunteers in remote Australian communities.

From time to time over the past year, and for the next two, Nichole will join us in the office. She is conducting research on global volunteering. It is a joint project between the University of Wollongong and Palms to discover the impact of Palms’ model of volunteer preparation and support. We want to know if the outcomes reflect our philosophy and vision.

We also have a contingent of international students, primarily from France. Most recently Sabrina and Guillaume, and now Amandine, have undertaken placements for up to six months, working primarily on sales analysis and marketing for the café.

Justine and Thomas have just joined us to gain experience by assisting to develop and implement some new strategies in community relations.

From time to time others also spend some days at a desk in the office. Anyone who feels they may have something to offer is welcome and appreciated as are all those working for Palms in the states and in country.

Thanks again.

PALMS new office is located on the 1st Floor at 2A Woolley Street, Glebe.
Visitors Welcome