Palms 86th Orientation Course Evaluation Summary

“This course has certainly expanded my understanding of development and better prepared my thinking framework for a placement.”

“Thanks for a very well organised, well thought out and interestingly presented course.”

“Thanks for your continuing help with excellent advice born of valuable experience in the field and afterwards.”

“It has been excellent to travel a pathway with a special group of people willing to take on a special experience. The interaction between us really can’t be measured in value.”

“Many thanks for your generosity to us all and your complete availability to us all.”

“Thanks for a memorable eight days – you worked tirelessly to help us all the very best you could. It is refreshing to work with such deeply committed people – nowadays not so common.”

“Very good programme – a lot of thought went into the programme which was most helpful and I was most grateful for the course.”

“Thank-you for a very worthwhile week. This course will make me a more responsible, informed and culturally aware volunteer. I agree that all Palms participants should undertake this course.”

About the facilitators and individual sessions:
“Excellent” “Fantastic” “Enthusiastic” “Informative” “Professional” “Great Help” “Super idea” “Valuable” “Great Opportunity” “Funny and Clever” “Great” “Necessary” “Entertaining” “Enjoyable” “Good discussion raiser” “A usable framework in digestable chunks” “Joyous” “Loads of practical suggestions” “Positive” “A Winner”